Friday, November 28, 2008

101 things to do whilst completing your PhD - #1

In the spirit of every procrastinating PhD student that Hugh Kearns (speaker at our postgrad conference) was talking about, here is a new semi-regular segment! So, #1 is... enter an international dance contest in which PhD students must dance their thesis. Yes, this really exists!

Sue Lynn Lau, a University of Sydney PhD student has won this competition ("Dance your PhD"). Her entry was entitled “The role of vitamin D in beta cell function”. View it here. Her prize is a trip to Chicago, where she'll see her winning entry performed by professional dancers.

The competition is run by Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. So who's entering next year?!!!

Thanks Lee for tipping us off about this!


  1. Wow..I'm so doing this next year. Just need to find people to be wallaby thymuses...which don't actually move much come to think of it

  2. I'm in Em, I have always fancied myself for interpretive dance......but really the devil stuff would make a better topic, we could have fighting devils, real blood and everything!